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Our continuous improvement process aligns Design, Health, Safety, Environmental and Economic results. Bocci’s passion for innovation and our operations first perspective drives value through sustainability. Our subject matter experts identify
optimization strategies through leveraging cross- industry experience and economic drivers. Our solutions monetize improving reliability, reducing impact on the environment, removing constraints in production, while reducing design, construction, operations & maintenance risks.

California American Water

Cal Am developed a purchase contract to govern all aspects of the BESS selection, project’s design, installation, and testing. Bocci guided negotiations for the contract and initiated numerous changes to reduce Cal Am’s risk and clarify the text. Bocci ensured additional documents required by the contract were filed in the project records.

Bocci took the lead in defining Cal Am’s requirements for BESS operation during a power outage, including the operating Key Performance Indicators in the contract. Bocci supervised development of the test procedures used to prove Cal Am’s new battery system operates as required including key performance indicators.

California American Water

UTMB Infrastructure Hardening Project

Bocci performed operational modeling, forecasting and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of over 50 alternatives for the rebuilding and hardening of thermal and power utility distribution infrastructure at the UTMB-Galveston campus. Bocci produced feasibility assessments for Combined Heat and Power, desalination and potable water storage, waste water reject, with federal economic Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) program guidelines for FEMA funding and environmental impacts assessments. The preliminary recommendation was for a 30 MW electricity, 300 klb/hr steam and 43 ktons cooling.

UTMB Infrastructure Hardening Project

Solar Hot Water

Bocci performed the solar hot water system project development and implementation inspection activities. Bocci designed an integrated on-site Solar Hot Water heat recovery system for the City of Houston’s Metropolitan Multi-Service Center facility therapeutic pool. The goal was to reduce the facility’s demand for natural gas to heat both the pool and domestic hot water with proven technology renewable solar energy. The project achieved:

• 25%-50% solar thermal heat
• Over 25% utility costs
• 4 month implementation
• Carbon emissions – 24 tons per year

Solar Hot Water

OIS / Pemex, Gulf of Mexico

Bocci was contracted as the owner’s representative for detailed inspection of an enclosure structure being manufactured for a process critical turbine control room and containment on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The owner required ISO 9000 compliance, weekly construction inspections and schedule management for this critical path unit under a rigid delivery schedule. The services included inspection and reporting on all purchasing activities, production and fabrication inspections, mechanical, structural, electrical, HVAC, and instrumentation and controls engineering documentation, quality control, budget control and specification compliance. Weekly coordination with the owner included status reports on all activities. The completed construction met all design, specification, compliance and schedule requirements before being shipped off shore for installation in the Gulf of Mexico by OIS.

OIS / Pemex, Gulf of Mexico

Almeda Sims Wastewater Treatment Plant

Bocci performed the feasibility and preliminary engineering phases, as well as supported production of the design-build Request For Proposal of an energy optimization project at the Almeda Sims Wastewater Treatment Plant. The solution integrated an on-site Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system into the new sludge drying operations plant. The goal was to reduce the natural gas consumption and environmental impact for this municipal wastewater plant, located in an EPA Non-Attainment area. The system entailed integrated high temperature recovery of 9.9 MMBtuH heat with the process rotary drum dryers, a 1.4MW clean burn gas turbine and achieved over 30% operational efficiency improvement and reduced 6 tons NOx annually. Bocci developed various designs and cost options, power interconnection, environmental and permitting strategies.

Almeda Sims Wastewater Treatment Plant
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