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Solar Panels

Since 2002, our engineering and construction services firm has been providing premier technical services nationally. We pride ourselves on delivering safe, sustainable, and cost-effective projects that yield measurable decarbonization results. 

Our passion for optimization benefits both our clients' bottom line and the world around us.


Bocci specializes in infrastructure and facility utility systems that consume or produce energy, water, thermal liquids and compressed gasses.

With decades of renewable energy and resiliency experience, our Sustainable Solutions Pay For Themselves .


We welcome you to learn more about our services, including our sustainability and environmental consultion offerings.

Get to Know Us

We are a team that cares about our global community. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions for utility infrastructure while prioritizing the well-being of people. We understand the importance of reducing environmental impact, and we achieve this through collaboration and strategic planning.

We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of support and development for our employees and the communities we serve. We take our environmental impact seriously and continuously measure the success of our projects through client referrals and return on investment. Most importantly, we celebrate each achievement with our team, clients, and communities.

Bocci's team of skilled partners is committed to delivering the services you need when you need them.

We have five core members located in Houston, twelve subject matter experts throughout the US, and a network of 276 technical field experts. We are highly responsive and able to meet same-day needs nationwide. Our mobile workforce solutions and Basecamp portals enable immediate collaboration and staff augmentation support.


Bocci certified to operate

541330 | 541611 | 541620 | 541690 541990 | 541618 | 541420

 541350 | 541300 | 541600 | 541700 | 541900| 221121 – 221110 | 221330 236210| 236220 | 237120 | 237130 | 238990| 233000 | 238000 


Ambassador Award WBEA – 2015

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative – 2014


UTMDA Mentor Protege Program – 2013


Connecting the Dots Award WBEA – 2012


HWCOC Finalist, Star Award – 2012


Market Watch Bocci Pioneers Sustainable Infrastructure – 2012


Cutting Edge Award WBEA Professional Services – 2011


HBJ 12th Fastest Growing Women’s Business Enterprise – 2011


City of Houston Mentor Protege Program – 2010


Cutting Edge Award: Greatest WBE Dollar Expenditure WBEA 2010


HBJ 3rd Fastest Growing Women’s Business Enterprise 2009


5th Annual Houston’s Greatest Award by Greater Houston Partnership 2008

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Bocci is a proud member of the Avetta Consortium representing a pursuit of excellence in delivery, safety and sustainability.

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