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California American Water

Owner's Representative | Thousand Oaks, CA


Owners Engineering
Construction Management
Renewable Technology
Reliability + Resiliency


Cal Am developed a purchase contract to govern all aspects of the BESS selection, project’s design, installation, and testing. Bocci guided negotiations for the contract and initiated numerous changes to reduce Cal Am’s risk and clarify the text. Bocci ensured additional documents required by the contract were filed in the project records. 

Bocci took the lead in defining Cal Am’s requirements for BESS operation during a power outage, including the operating Key Performance Indicators in the contract. Bocci supervised development of the test procedures used to prove Cal Am’s new battery system operates as required including key performance indicators. 

During blackouts, water pumps cannot maintain domestic water supplies and customers are without water for the outage duration. California American Water found a creative solution to the problem. Cal Am’s solution is to use batteries for back-up power at pumping stations to power the pumps through wildfire outages. These systems are known as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

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