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MetroNational Treehouse

LEED & Geothermal Energy Modeling | Memorial City, TX



This project exemplifies how a private developer can adhere to the highest standards of sustainable building for a commercial property. Bocci utilized Trane TRACE software to perform comprehensive LEED energy modeling during the design and construction phases. We generated LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 (EAc1), renewable energy, and ventilation components for the building analysis. We incorporated a geothermal water source heat pump and energy modeling approach to ensure the best possible outcome for achieving LEED status.

The Treehouse Memorial City has achieved a score of 95 points and attained certified LEED Double Platinum status by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It features a geothermal cooling and heating system, daylight harvesting, solar photovoltaics, and a wind turbine for renewable energy generation. The flexible office spaces are designed to accommodate the company's ongoing developments.

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