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Phillips 66 Refinery

Co-Gen & Thermal Plant Optimization | Borger, TX


Market Assessment
Risk Assessment


Bocci assisted Phillips 66 at their Borger Refinery by providing consulting support for their long-term energy purchase negotiations. Our team evaluated the positions of both parties involved, studied the market, and assessed the life-cycle comparative economics of options for providing steam and electricity to the refinery. We developed strategic positions for the negotiation and obtained approvals from senior management, legal, risk, and environmental departments for the recommended approach.

Our services included designing and optimizing co-gen and thermal plants, configuring plants, substations, and interconnects, estimating CAPEX and OPEX, analyzing energy load and air permits, modeling and evaluating them, and reporting the findings. We also conducted a detailed utility tariff risk assessment and produced power and thermal energy plant production models. Lastly, we facilitated the design development for a new HP Steam Plant, without the need for co-gen.

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