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Operations & Maintenance Risk Mitigation

Metal Pipe Network

Measurement, Testing & Verification

Our clients rely on our ability to objectively manage and measure, test and verify that their systems have been built to meet specific, operability performance criteria and deliver on expected safety, environmental and economic improvements. Bocci has M&V technicians and a tool bag to benchmark, trend and record key critical parameters.


Process & Production Optimization

We leverage our strong experience to review clients’ current situations and consult them on how to improve their current processes. The result of process optimization is often a lower environmental impact and cost savings.

Program Management

We perform analysis characterization of technical and economic potential and examine existing operations.

Strategic & Master Planning

Bocci provides operational or construction project-based resource loading, critical path strategy and implementation scheduling services for complex plant and facilities projects. Our successful projects integrate forecasting, reliability, operations and safety into expansion and new construction endeavors.

Signing a Contract

Regulatory & Permitting

Bocci supervises clients’ projects to ensure all regulatory requirements are met so that permitting runs smoothly.


Bocci provides construction monitoring, system measurement, testing oversight and rebalancing for equipment, controls, utilities, processes and facilities to ensure clients’ adherence to regulations, codes, specifications, and operating performance and maintenance protocols. Our retro-commissioning service is a retuning program that returns systems back into tolerance, as well as improves operations and reduces costs.

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